Regional Cluster Meeting “CBHE projects’ impact in the Western Balkans” in Durres, Albania

The Regional Cluster Meeting “CBHE projects’ impact in the Western Balkans” was held on 22 & 23 October 2019 in Durres, Albania. It was organized by the EACEA, EAC and the NEO Albania in the framework of the CBHE action of the Erasmus + programme.

Its aims are bringing together local stakeholders from the Higher Education (HE) sector as well as CBHE projects implemented in Western Balkans (WB) in order to:

  • Discuss the impact of EU funded projects/programmes on the WB HE sector in terms of regional cooperation, modernization, accessibility, and internationalization of the HE;
  • Provide local/regional visibility to the E+ programme and its funded projects, thereby contributing to maximizing their impact;
  • Facilitate exchanges of good practice, sharing of knowledge and networking of CBHE projects to enhance their quality, impact and sustainability;
  • Reflect on the actual needs of the HE sector in WB and on the way the future EU education programme for 2021-2027 could address these needs.

Prof. Daniela M. Milović, has participated at the meeting as representative of BENEFIT.