This page collects the deliverables and the main additional reports/material of the BENEFIT project. They are grouped by work package number.

WP1: Consolidation of ex-ante analysis and preparation of implementation actions

D1.1: Consolidated ex-ante analysis and guidelines aimed at boosting the telecommunications engineer profile including a projection of needs for ICT engineers in the future

D1.2.a: Consolidated project plan of implementation actions.

D1.2.b: Timeline

Other: reports, milestones, etc.:
R.1.1: Industry survey: summary of industry needs, profile competencies and skills needed

WP2: University‐enterprise cooperation and modernization of Telecommunications Engineering study programs


D2.1: Modernized and accredited study programs in telecommunication engineering of 3 B&H and 3 Serbian universities in cooperation with ICT industry. (Due M25)

D2.1: Release 1.

D2.2: Delivery of new study programs and report on the study program changes. (Due M36)

D2.3: Web portal linking ICT study programs of both EU and WB universities and enrollment procedures. (Due M36)

D2.3.a: Study programs web portal released (M12).

D2.4: Web catalogue for long-term cooperation with ICT industry in the region. (Due M36)

D2.4.a: Industry web catalog implementation by the FERIT team (M16).

Other: reports, milestones, etc.: MS 2.1: Identification of specific classes to be modified/added in each WB HEI study program

WP3: Modernization of teaching methodologies and infrastructures


D3.1: Development of modernized teaching methodologies. (Due M31)

D3.2: Creation of six joint university-company labs ruled by an agreement. (Due M31)

D3.2.a: Creation of joint university-industry labs and modernization of the lab infrastructure.

D3.3: Collection of teaching material for new and modernized courses. (Due M31)

D3.3.a: Collection of preliminary teaching material for new and modernized courses (M20).

D3.4: Web repository for class and lab sessions material, recorded remote classes and network of audio-libraries. (Due M31)

Other: reports, milestones, etc.:

WP4: Training and internship implementation


D4.1: Creation of training/internships Web Platform. (Due M36)

D4.2: Implementation of student training modules on technical and entrepreneurial subjects. (Due M36)

D4.2.a: Seminar for students organized by UNS (M13).

D4.2.b: Seminar for students organized by UB and Cisco (M14).

D4.3: Implementation of internships and co-supervised theses in industry. (Due M36)

D4.4: Implementation of teacher training modules. (Due M36)

D4.5: Surveys and reports on training/internship. (Due M36)

Other: reports, milestones, etc.:

WP5: Quality control and monitoring

D5.1.a: Establishment of Quality Control (QC) board and appointment of external experts for QC.

D5.1.b: QB decision.

D5.2: Development of guidelines for QC.

D5.3: Reports on project implementation. (Due M36)

D5.3.a: Activity report delivered by QCM board to MB twice a year.

D5.4: Reports on graduates profile improvements and correspondence to industry needs. (Due M36)

D5.5: Report on tools for monitoring students enrollment and  employability/employment/entrepreneurial statistics of graduates. (Due M36)

D5.6: Reports on stakeholders reached beyond the project consortium. (Due M36)

Other: reports, milestones, etc.: Deliverable Approval, Deliverable Review, Deliverable Evaluation, Milestone Verification

WP6: Dissemination and exploitation of project outcomes


D6.1: Central project web platform linked to the e-platforms developed in the other WPs.

D6.2: Report on exploitation and dissemination plan.

D6.3: Preparation and delivery of dissemination and informative material. (Due M36)

D6.3.a: Create promotional and dissemination material targeting high schools’ students and society at large (exploiting also media): roll-up, desk-flag.

D6.4: Offered open events to reach the community at-large and disseminate the results at ICT conferences. (Due M21, Due M36)

D6.4.a: Open Event in Ljubljana involving the community on studying ICT with the participation of a renowned keynote speaker (M9).

D6.5: Organization of an yearly webinar (hosted in turn by the HEIs partners) broadcasted to all locations. (Due M21, Due M36)

D6.5.a: Webinar on studying telecommunications engineering hosted by UBL (M10).

D6.6: Establishment of agreements for future double degrees, student mobility beyond the project duration. (Due M36)

D6.7: Created an agreement for the maintenance of the web platforms beyond the project life time. (Due M34)

D6.8: Created partnerships for follow-up projects and H2020 funding for research projects on telecommunication engineering involving industry. (Due M36)

Other: reports, milestones, etc.: YouTube Channel

WP7: Project coordination and management

D7.1: Report on the project management (PM) board and its establishment.

D7.2: Report on the project management (PM) e-platform for sharing documentation.

D7.3: Project meetings and progress/status reports. (Due M36)

D7.4: Periodical reports on status between the project coordinator (PC) and the funding agency. (Due M36)

D7.5: Delivery of financial reports. (Due M36)

Other: reports, milestones, etc.: